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Can i play in full-screen mode with autodetection ?

Autodetection works in full screen mode

Conditions required
1. Color , size , or scaling should be same as borderless windowed mode ( if not working check anything in your system that cause to change these when switching to full screen mode .

–> disabling fullscreen optimization sometimes changes the these that cause autodetection not working in fullscreen mode.
–> nvidea filters , or any vibrance software that you use etc ( if you want use these , make autodetection with autodetection maker after enabling these )
2. Tooltip feedback cannot be shown on top of full screen application

you have 2 options
–> make tooltip feedback to be shown on 2nd monitor (see advanced settings >> additional tab)
–> Or choose narrator feedback in RCL settings

how to see all the shortcut hint ?

Right Ctrl + Backspace

shortcut hint will not be shown with narrator feedback

How do i change multipliers ?

Click Right ctrl + Right arrow multiple times ==> It will swap through all the multipliers available

Click Right ctrl + Up arrow button on keyboard to increase the value of selected multiplier

Click Right ctrl + Enter to save everything

for advanced multipliers

Click Right side Alt + Right arrow multiple times ==> it will swap through all the advanced multipliers available

Click Right side Alt + Up arrow button to increase value

Click Right side Ctrl + Enter to save everything

Does this works with Logitech mouse , Razer mouse etc

This is stand alone program works with all the mouse

Can i play on any resolution ?

Resolution is more important for automatic gun detection.
And RCL MACRO comes packed with autodetection maker.
So yes you can play in any resolution with autodetection of the guns
Go through the tutorial to make autodetection, its very simple

Do RCL macro send unnecessary clicks which will get you banned ?

No RCL macro uses pure recoil control algorithm with slow tap fire feature and a rapid fire feature within the limit of humane values

How to get discount for next purchase ?

when you buy anything a recoil cazh reward will be added to your account automatically which can be redeemed in cart page with next purchase to get discount

Do i get updates ?

from august 2022 onwards if you have a valid license you will get updates irrespective of season change

will you make an ESP hack ?

Sorry, please don’t send request regarding any hacks that need to hijack game memory or game files.
We wont do that, we wont touch any game files or game memory

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