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RCL Macro Engine 2.0
3 months ago

RCL Macro Engine 2.0

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Apexlegends No Recoil Updated
1 year ago

Apexlegends No Recoil Updated

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Screen Zoom for FPS Games
1 year ago

Screen Zoom for FPS Games

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Recoil Script Pubg PC undetected with automatic gun detection
Out of Stock
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RCL Fast loot Script
2 years ago

RCL Fast loot Script

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CSGO Recoil Script with automatic gun detection | VIP
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Rust no recoil script ( NEW PATTERNS )
2 years ago

Rust no recoil script ( NEW PATTERNS )

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No recoil Cyber Hunter
2 years ago

No recoil Cyber Hunter

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RCL Universal Ultimate Macro Engine
2 years ago

RCL Universal Ultimate Macro Engine

Out of Stock
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  1. I have tried many recoil script in the past and by far this would be my favorite simply because it beats all others by great margin in all the respect.
    Autodetection in 2k display wow just fantastic.

  2. very good recoil macro for pubg. It has all the required features.
    It would be great if you guys add fast loot in the future.
    I like the way this recoil macro works as i only have to keep in mind about the attachments ON or OFF. If you can automate this as well then it would be complete GOD of no recoils.

  3. Only One word amazing future proof macro

  4. At first it was very confusing , but after going through the tutorial multiple times i was a able to set it up. It was fairly easy to set up than i expected. i made the mistake of skipping steps ended up spending even more time.

    Overall a great no recoil macro

    # what i like
    1. Universal , worked with all the game i tested
    2. Super easy autodetection maker
    3. I can forget about the macro running behind and fully focus on the game.
    4. Price is very low considering the features it offers

    # What i Don’t like
    1. Only 24 recoil macros per game.
    2. if i take a sniper like kar98, autodetection says previously active weapon, and i have to press ctrl alt f1 to remove previously active weapon.

    # Final verdict
    Best macro so far i have tested.
    If remember i have spent 5 times the price of this macro on various other sh*** macros overall. Now i can say i will never have to spend a penny more as this is working with all the games.

  5. most easy to use macro out there on the internet.
    autodetection maker is also so cool and easy.

  6. thank for your feedback
    feel free give suggestion

  7. Any game weapon autodetection
    Any game recoil macro 🥰🥰

  8. very efficient macro, recommended

  9. Thanks for the quick update.
    macro works perfect for me

  10. Good quality.
    best macro i found
    i will buy more

  11. Best macro i found on internet

  12. simple and powerful
    it is working for all the games i tried so far
    assign recoil time and recoil value to a gun

  13. easy to use.
    download the macro
    take any gun , adjust general recoil multiplier with this gun
    all guns got autoadjusted for my sensitivty by doinng that.

    omega smg needed adjustment so adjusted its gun specific recoil multiplier
    everything works perfect

  14. Best recoil script for pubg

  15. Best super people recoil macro

  16. absolute laser beam

  17. Game action recorder is gold standard.
    I cant say the difference between a person doing it vs the program doing it.
    i use it for apex legends infinite slide , combo moves for Rumbleverse.

  18. Great product.
    Zoom fps is very usefull as it’s not always shown but rather shown only when going ADS.
    Also able zoom in and out with scroll wheels

  19. Best recoil script ever made!

  20. Only 20 pieces will be given out ( in 4 batches ) per season
    unique signature to avoid anti-cheat make it virtually physical

  21. Going through step by step tutorial would have made it super simple to setup. you haven’t gone through tutorial before setup that’s why

  22. Updates are provided within the season, and validity is lifetime and wont expire, you can continue to use the macro for all future seasons.
    isn’t it super simple to change values of recoil with shortcut key for any weapon without the need to leave the game ?
    since different people use different sensitivity and mouse DPI, there may be variations and it can be adjusted super easily aswell

  23. Thank you for the feedback
    The program is updated promptly
    Pls follow the tutorial step by step
    use fine tuning to reduce screen shake ( i recommend value 50 or 70 ) ; after changing finetuning you may also need to change weapon specific sensitivity.

    feel free to contact us for any queries

  24. Hi there,
    you bought RCLPredator macro
    It is clearly written in the description that for Emulators RCLultimate is best suited and predator macro cant be made to use for emulators as recording pattern is difficult in emulators due to bullet prints fading out quickly.
    Contact us through to arrange necessary resolution or refund
    we have already sent you an email. kindly reply to it.
    for emulators use RCL ULtimate infinite loop mechanism

  25. thank you for the feedback

  26. thank you for your feedback

  27. validity is lifetime
    updates will be till the season as we don’t sell too many pieces , we sell only enough to run this website and services. Not more than that

  28. thank you for your review
    we have already sent you a free upgrade for s13 with all the above mentioned request intact

  29. hey friend,

    click backspace to see all the shortcuts available.
    Cycle scope with middle mouse button.
    then change scope multiplier with Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down.
    Ctrl + Enter to save everything

    Tutorial is here :

    You can do this with each gun and each scopes.

    By default scope multiplier will be at 1. So for 3x it should be around 2.5 to 3.5.Hope this helps

    thankyou for the feedback

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