Accelerate Looping Mechanism configure

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Always use left side ctrl , alt , shift keys on keyboard to change values

Adjust recoil values with accelerate looping mechanism #

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this tutorial is for ultimate recoil engine.
also for conqueror recoil engine with “accelerate” mechanism toggled ON.

By default all the macros were assigned a recoil value of 5 and recoil time of 5ms

So you can start the game and activate the recoil macro to see it in action.

Now go into training mode and equip any 2 weapons and activate its recoil ( if autodetection is enabled and configured it will be detected automatically )

Now stand near a wall and fire only 5 – 10 bullets

Adjust recoil value and recoil time to get little to no recoil for this 5-10 bullets. Find a sweet spot. Its a trial and error procedure.

After setting this recoil value and recoil time try to full spray the gun, See what is happening. if bullets are going up after some time its fine , we will deal with it using accelerate time and accelerate value later . But if bullets are going down after some time you may need to re-adjust recoil value and recoil time.

Before explaining what to do with accelerate time and accelerate value you need to understand what it is.


if accelerate value is “X” and accelerate time is “Y” what our recoil engine will do is that it will increase recoil control by “X” amount every “Y” time interval. So this will give an acceleration effect with recoil control.

Lets adjust accelerate value and accelerate time.

Very slightly increase accelerate value and try to full spray. if bullets are still going up you have 2 options.

option1 ==> decrease accelerate time.

option2 ==> increase accelerate value.

slightly change any of these values and and try to full spray again.

Now you will definitely come at a situation where bullets will go down after a good some time of good recoil control. Then you may want to increase accelerate time slightly to counter this.

This is again a trial and error process to find a good sweet spot. Once you find it. it will do wonders in recoil control as this mechanism will have lowest screen shake possible.

you may refer this video tutorial for adjusting recoil macro ( shortcuts shown in the video may be different , we will soon release new tutorial video)

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