choosing the best setup for you

Autodetection for Recoil macro #

Turn on Autodetection if you want to use autodetection feature.


Game should be in borderless windowed mode and you have captured weapon images — I will walk you through how to capture weapon images later in the tutorial

Pattern Mechanism Or Accelerate Looping Mechanism #

Only available in Conqueror version

Other version users can skip this part.

Reference for choosing either of the version

Pattern Mechanism

With pattern mechanism , you will have to record the recoil pattern of the weapon using RCL pattern recorder came along with the Macro Engine.

Pattern mechanism will retrace the recorded recoil pattern for controlling the recoil in the game. So it will give better accuracy.

Accurately record recoil pattern with RCL pattern recorder

Accelerate Mechanism

With accelerate looping mechanism you will have to adjust the recoil values and recoil timings using short cut keys.

Recoil Value
Recoil Time
Accelerate value
accelerate time

Choose feedback #


A tiny man will speak out the weapon names and active recoils etc.
Can be used with Full screen Mode , borderless windowed and windowed mode


Feedback will be shown in red Writings on screen. I prefer this one as footstep noise is important for games
Can be used only in borderless windowed or windowed mode

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