How to Download and use configuration for no recoil

step 1 — Download #

click on settings and then click on “DOWNLOAD FULL GAME” button

Select the game you want and click on Download

Step 2 — Adjusting macro #

Change game into borderless windowed mode for initial configuration

after initial configuration you can change into Fullscreen mode with narrator feedback in RCL settings
Tooltip won’t work in full screen mode
or you can change the location of tooltip to second monitor and play the game in full screen mode with tooltip on second screen

Copy those game key-binds which you think affects recoil of the gun to RCL settings

for example in pubg crouching reduces recoil –> so copy crouch button to RCL settings ( you can adjust crouch multiplier )

Change these key-binds in the game #

Hold to ADS

Mouse wheel up –> primary weapon 1

Mouse wheel down –> primary weapon 2

Go into training and equip any weapon and extended mag and red dot #

click backspace to see all the shortcuts

Stand near a wall and fire

If bullets are going up increase general recoil multiplier

if bullets are going down reduce general recoil multiplier

Just by adjusting this all recoil pattern will get adjusted to your sensitivity

Now take other weapons and test them #

If any particular weapon need adjustment then change weapon specific recoil multiplier

step 3 — Autodetection for non 1080p resolution #

Follow below link

How to use attachments in the game #

Alt + K And Alt + L are the attachments ON / OFF shortcuts

by enabling this it is completely changing the recoil pattern rather than just a multiplier.

so don’t forget to turn OFF this if you are not equipping attachments

Attachment detection can also be made , see advanced settings >> experimental tab ( Only for autodetection logic 1 )

Go through its own game tutorial #

If you are downloading lets say pubg then going through pubg tutorial will help you understand better

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