Configuration must be done after pattern recording

Testing and adjusting general recoil sensitivity #

After recording all the weapon pattern from their respective screenshots

you can now open the game and go into training madoe

Start the recoil macro

Now equip any weapon , extended mag , smallest scope and fire.

if still it has recoil , you can adjust general recoil sensitivity with short cut key

Just by changing general recoil sensitivity it will adjust the recoil of all the weapons. (you can also use this to quickly change recoil sensitivity of all guns when you change sensitivity in game without recording new pattern)

click on “Backspace” to see all the available shortcuts

important #

Now test all the other weapons , if any one particular weapon needs adjustment you can change “gun specific recoil value.”

Horizontal recoil control multiplier #

Note very important #

Some games like PUBG can set horizontal recoil multiplier to zero (“0”) as horizontal recoil is completely randomised

Sometimes it require you to increase or decrease horizontal recoil multiplier.

For example in apex legends a slight increase in horizontal recoil multiplier gives better result

Fine tuning the recoil pattern to reduce jumpy movement [ not for AE to Pattern recording ] #

Note very important ( Only for manual pattern recording ) #

Once you change finetune you may also need to change the weapon specific recoil sensitivity ( play around with both )

Only increase fine tuning just enough to get a smoother mouse movement. Do not increase finetuning more than it required as it can affect your recoil pattern.

This setting is only for manual pattern recording ( set it to 0 for After effects pattern recording ) #

We have invented a new intelligent mechanism to increase the number of nodes of the recoil pattern that you recorded. More the number of node smoother will be the mouse movement.

such an exclusive intelligent mechanism will make your recoil pattern stand out because usually the recoil pattern with 30 bullets will have 30 nodal points.

Start the game and start the recoil engine

go to training mode and equip 2 weapons and activate its recoil (if autodetection enabled and configured it will autodetect weapon according to the logic you set )

Just increase the finetuning using the shortcut key , Number of points will get increased by finding in-between better points intelligently to make your recoil pattern very smooth. So just by recoding 30 bullets now it can have 300+ nodal points.

Now enjoy better accuracy with smoother mouse movement unlike other macros out there on internet !

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