Basic Game settings needed

Borderless windowed mode (For initial Configuration) #

If you want to use autodetection and tooltip feedback , the game need to be put in borderless windowed mode.

while adjusting recoil values a tooltip will be shown on screen to make you know what value has changed , No full screen application will allow tooltip to be shown on top of its window.

i want to play in Full screen Mode !?

Tooltip cant be shown in full screen mode , so change to narrator feedback

Hold to ADS (Scoping) #

Right Mouse button for ads (Scoping)

Mouse Wheel Settings. #

If you want use mouse wheel to switch between weapons in game, then recoil also need to be switched right?

Rcl engine by default will switch between recoil with mouse wheel ( you can turn off this inside recoil engine settings)

So change settings in game like mentioned below

1. Mouse Wheel Down ==> Select primary weapon 1

2. Mouse Wheel Up ==> Select primary weapon 2

Can i use other mouse wheel combination?!

If you are having multigame version then all sorts of combinations are possible. But since it cant be documented in a standardized tutorial. Just contact us with below link ==> “still stuck?”.

We will add it in a “How to” documentation.

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