Basic Game settings needed

Borderless windowed mode #

If you want to use autodetection and tooltip feedback , the game need to be put in borderless windowed mode.

Autodetection work by scanning the captured image on screen. If game is in full screen mode it cant scan screen for detecting weapon.

Also while adjusting recoil values a tooltip will be shown on screen to make you know what value has changed , No full screen application will allow tooltip to be shown on top of its window.

So its always better to put game in borderless windowed mode.

i want to play in Full screen Mode !?

For some reason if you want to play in full screen mode. Please understand full screen application wont allow anything on top of its window

So , 1. Disable autodetection and 2. set feedback to narrator in RCL Engine settings.

then you can play in full screen mode by manually activating recoil macros with the shortcuts

Important Note : while adjusting recoil values it is recommended to put game in borderless windowed mode, so you can visually see what values are changing. After that you may put game back into full screen mode

Hold to ADS (Scoping) #

Right Mouse button for ads (Scoping)

Mouse Wheel Settings. #

If you want use mouse wheel to switch between weapons in game, then recoil also need to be switched right?

Rcl engine by default will switch between recoil with mouse wheel ( you can turn off this inside recoil engine settings)

So change settings in game like mentioned below

1. Mouse Wheel Down ==> Select primary weapon 1

2. Mouse Wheel Up ==> Select primary weapon 2

Can i use other mouse wheel combination?!

If you are having multigame version then all sorts of combinations are possible. But since it cant be documented in a standardized tutorial. Just contact us with below link ==> “still stuck?”.

We will add it in a “How to” documentation.

RCLMacro Engine
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