Setting up Weapon Scan area

Why we need to define scan area ? #

There are 2 weapons and if we define separate scan area , Recoil engine can scan both weapons easily from within these scan area.

Smaller the scan area , faster will be the autodetection as recoil engine won’t have to scan the entire screen.

Setting Up Weapon Scan Area #

Start your Game and Go into training ground.

Start the application and choose your game .

then click on advanced to open up autodetection maker for that game.

It will open up autodetection maker .

Now click on “Set1” Button

Now Identify something on screen that can be used for detecting weapon , it can be weapon name , or weapon images.

Weapon names are preferred as it will be better in recognition. Weapon images usually have transparency making it hard to recognize

Similarly set weapon 2 scan area by enclosing weapon 2 image or weapon 2 name.

Then Don’t forget to click on “save area” button

Important Note #

# autodetection logic 1 ==> open the game inventory and set scan area from there ( “tab” is the detection trigger )

# autodetection logic 2 ==> you can set scan area on ordinary game play screen. ( ” 1 ” or ” 2 ” or mouse wheel is the detection trigger )

# autodetection logic 3 ==> set the scan area from, screen that is visible after pressing the custom key you defined ( your custom button is the detection trigger )

next we will capture images of the weapons , you should be capturing images from inside these scan area only

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