Other recoil macro configuration for both macro engine

Adjusting scope multiplier. #

As you have already recorded recoil pattern everything else can be adjust from within the game itself using shortcut keys.

So start the game and start the macro Engine

toggle macro engine to ON by clicking on start button.

go into training mode and equip any weapon activate recoil pattern .

if autodetection is enabled it will automatically detect recoil pattern according to the logic you specified in previous steps.

Now click on “Backspace” to see all shortcuts available

equip Higher scope in the game

cycle through scopes by double clicking middle mouse button to set recoil for that scope

fire full spray while holding right mouse button. if bullets are going up increase scope multiplier with the shortcut keys

Similarly do this for all other scopes.

Hip fire multiplier #

Fire the weapon without scoping (without holding right mouse button)

If recoil control is more than required you can reduce hip fire multiplier.

click “Backspace ” see shortcut keys

Crouch and Prone Multiplier #

Crouch multiplier #

try firing the weapon while crouched if bullets are going down reduce crouch multiplier.

After changing the value stand and crouch again to make it to take effect.

Prone multiplier #

In the same way try firing the gun while prone if bullets are going down reduce the prone multiplier

After changing the value stand and go prone again to make the value change take effect.

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